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My name is Sophia and I'm currently 19 years old. Painting and crafting is what I do. I also play Animal Crossing New Leaf and my dreamcode is: 7800-3485-1632 :)

GypsyMaterials used: mechanical pencil, balljoint penSoftware used for touch up: Photoshop CS62-3 hrssome credit to my friend who helped me take a picture of my drawing!!


Materials used: mechanical pencil, balljoint pen

Software used for touch up: Photoshop CS6
2-3 hrs

some credit to my friend who helped me take a picture of my drawing!!

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#urt  #gypsy  #bellydancer  #woman  #traditional urt 
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    And these is only some of the examples of how the Romani dress, so you can stop it with oversexualizing Romani women.
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